Product Origins

Our Seafood is sourced from fisherman & farms around Australia with the odd fish coming from our friends across the channel in New Zealand. Being based at The Sydney Fish Market ensures we have access to the finest, freshest seafood Australia has to offer.

Sustainability and reducing our environmental impact as a business is an integral focus at Nicholas Catering. We pride ourselves on sustainably and ethically sourcing all of our produce, through our family owned and operated Nicholas Seafood, est. 1930.


Oysters are a huge part of what we do. We have access to the best Oyster farms on the east coast of Australia and pivot between farms to ensure we only select the best available product at that point in time. Upon receiving our oysters, we hand select the best for our orders.

Oysters are one of the most appreciated pieces of seafood among both seasoned oyster aficionados, and curious Seafood lovers - and for a good reason. Rarely does a natural product offer such an extraordinary medley of flavours... Brine, Creaminess, Sweetness, Mineralisation, and Umami all in one mouthful. Each oyster's flavour is incredibly nuanced depending on the natural variations in the environment in which it has grown. 

Our oysters are sourced from Northern & Southern New South Wales, and each location possesses unique and distinctive environmental conditions, which are then reflected in the remarkable flavour differences within each oyster. The estuaries  we are currently sourcing from are located in Merimbula, Pambula, Wonboyn, Shoalhaven, Clyde, Tuross, Wagonga, Wapengo and Hastings River. 


Our prawns are of exceptional quality, Australian, predominantly wild-caught, and every day we carefully hand pick the market's best King or Tiger Prawns for our seafood platters. The majority of our prawns come straight down from Queensland with a few sizes coming up from South Australia.


Crustaceans are a true favourite among seafood devotees and enhance a brilliant platter like nothing else. All of our crustaceans are Australian, sustainably caught and cooked on the boat to ensure optimal freshness and superlative quality. 


All of our fish are sourced through Sydney Fish Market, local fisherman & sustainable farms around Australia. We only source fish through companies that align with our vision on sustainability.

Meat ​

We pride ourselves at Nicholas Catering on sourcing the most exquisite quality Meat from the incredible team at Vic's Meat Market, with a focus on Grass-Fed & Free-Range Meats where possible. Each cut of meat is freshly selected on the day, and cooked with the utmost precision.

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